Mention “Computer Science”

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Mention “Computer Science” Télécom SudParis M1 Computer science -International trackM1 HCID – EIT DigitalM2 HCID – EIT DigitalM2 Advanced Communication NetworksM2 Computer Science for Communication NetworksM2 Data & Knowledge (D&K)M2 Decision Support and Business IntelligenceM2 Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Mention “Mathematics and application”


Mention “Mathematics and application” Télécom SudParis M2 OptimisationThis master program is meant to provide students with a broad expertise in Mathematical Optimization and related topics, and to train them for academic and industrial research, or for Mathematical Engineering jobs after high-level studies in a strongly research-oriented environment. In our program, we wish to be as …

Mention “Electrical Engineering”

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Mention “Electrical Engineering” Télécom SudParis M2 Multimedia NetworkingM2 Optical Networks and Photonic SystemsM2 Advanced wireless communications systemsM2 Smart aerospace & autonomous systems (SAAS)

Electronic and Optical Engineering


Electronic and Optical Engineering The goal of this graduate program is to give high level skills to students in order to allow them to join engineering and development departments of leading companies or research teams towards a Ph.D. thesis, in the electronics and photonics fields.  Electronic and Optical Engineering Télécom SudParis Presentation The courses are …

Data Analysis and Pattern Classification

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Data Analysis and Pattern Classification This Master of Science (MSc) degree offers : Providing Statistical Learning and Signal Processing tools to model great amounts of data, captured by specialized sensors, for automatic data classification or prediction; Analyzing data from different applicative areas (Environmental Sciences, Telecommunications, Genomics, e-health, Telemedicine, Biometrics, Economics, Banking, Insurance, Textual /Multimedia Data …

International Masters

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International Masters Télécom SudParis Since the start of the 2015-2016 academic year, Télécom SudParis has been providing Master’s level programs, organized jointly within Université Paris-Saclay. There are 48 tagged Master’s programs, and their aim is to provide students with international level teaching. Thanks to synergies achieved with resources and its partners’ reputation, the aim of Telecom SudParis is …

Masters of Science

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Masters of Science Télécom SudParis Research-based programs to embrace doctoral studies An European approach to information technologies Ideally suited to international students, Telecom SudParis offers a number of Master of Science (MSc) programs with lectures and coursework conducted in English. The MSc is a postgraduate degree whose academic rigor is internationally recognized, both in the …